Friday, January 17, 2014

The Famous Karate Kid Mr.Miyagi Headband

karate kid mr miyagi daniel movie headband
Finally found the karate kid movie headband online! This is one of my favorite movies and even though I have watched it well over twenty times, the name Mr. Miyagi never seems to lose the touch. What really fascinated me about the movie was the unique style of training imparted by the guru to the disciple.

This Mr. Miyagi Daniel movie headband is 2.5 inches in width and approximately 42 inches long. The design is exactly the same as that of the movie. Reminds me of time when I first watched this film in a friend’s house as we were not having cable TV connection. My mother was against cable TV networks and felt that television would disturb my studies. On the pretext of study we watched this epic saga with bated breath and every time I would fear that my mom would find out.

karate kid mr miyagi daniel movie headband
Times have changed and now that I have watched it well over twenty times, the dialogue have somewhat become permanent in memory. I still remember that line, it is my favorite. “drive left or drive—karate yes or  karate no”. An awesome tail of an underdog becoming a hero; we all love that, don’t we?

Anyway, if you don’t have the movie yet, go check out the latest copy here.

Use Hippie Headbands For Classical Retro Looks

hippie headbands

Every time i watch the Steve Jobs documentary film, i am reminded of those classic 70s and 80s. There is some sort of nostalgia for those years as society was in a tremendous developmental phase. Do you ever feel like that? There are times when one wants to recreate the same nostalgia in accessories. 

Hippie headbands are one of the best ways to find your retro look. Not only are they street smart but have enough variations for every occasion. Once in a while it feels good to experiment with your looks. In fact, some ladies have developed a permanent fascination for these. Bandana style headbands are also researched quite a lot in the same league. Another great option as far as retro styled is concerned are bohemian style headbands

All these will surely add that extra variety and spice to any wardrobe. Careful selection is the key though, when you want perfect looks. There are several color and size based options so choose something that goes along well with your features. There is nothing very complex as these are certainly cheap headbands, but nevertheless, there are ample choices.

When to wear hippie headbands?

You need to contemplate on the occasion before wearing these. If it is something totally informal then they are well suited. However, avoid these when going for professional events as the look which comes out is really casual.
These are really great for outdoor parties and reunion parties when you want to dive into the depths of time.