Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reversible Athletic Running Headband In Black and Pink Prints From TrailHeads

Reversible Athletic Running Headband In Black and Pink Prints From TrailHeadsMore and more women are utilizing reversible running headbands owing to the increase in color choices coming out from a single product. This one has been contoured to give complete ear coverage while running or conducting other athletic exercises. Also one size fits everyone due to elastic material.
Just by having one or two reversible running headbands you are actually having more than the value for money since one means two here. Nike has probably a great collection in this regard although individual sellers are also not far behind. It all depends on the kind of choices that are being displayed during a particular time. Summer season implies that choices are really going to be on the higher side.

Need more robust protection? Here is the Buff UV Headband

Here is the Buff UV HeadbandThe surface area being large, buff headbands provide easy and effective sweat absorbing solutions. They are well suited for any kind of sporting activity. There is a four channel wicking fabric which is the real secret behind UV and sweat protection. Even in cold conditions, when it gets chilly all around, these are well suited to cover the region around ears. 

With a 2 way lateral stretch, one size fits everyone. Absolutely odor-free material for hygienic sporting activities at all times. This is a product for both the summer and winter season.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ali Baba Aladdin Style Harem Pants Striped Cotton Hippy Hippie Design

Running like a genie? Don't know about the flying capabilities but the looks can certainly be imitated! With striped harem pants getting extremely popular new styles have certainly emerged out of nowhere. From comfort point of view, i find these really great since there is a huge amount of air space taken up by the garment. Cotton being used for the garment also presents a definite advantage. These hippie styled trousers are generally made in Thailand and therefore manufacturing costs are relatively low.

Pep up your running style using boho aladdin style harem pants trousers made from high quality cotton

Wearing these gives the impression of a hippie running on the streets but these surely pep up the style by huge margins. The length comes to just a couple of inches above the ankle which has been really great in my case since i run several times on patchy trails where there are small water pools. In normal case the muddy water splashes make the lower edge dirty which require great effort with careful washing. However, with the new hippy pant the splash doesn't reach the edge.

Let me give some product information:

  • waist size is cool for those within this range - 26 inches to 40 inches. I think most of us will fit in here! 
  • Total length of the pant is 6 feet. Of course, you can alter the length
  • Waist has a elastic band as well as the ankle opening
  • The whole attire takes in lot of air space and hence really comfortable
  • Leg spread comes to a maximum of 56 inches
  • Hip fittings up to 44 inches
  • These are striped pants

It is important to keep trying out different running as well as fashion accessories to know which comes closest within your expectations. Zenza fashion is a well know name in fashionable clothing options for ladies and have outlets in most of the popular online stores.