Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Really Cheap Nike Wide Sport Headbands – Pack Of 6

With so many competitors in the segment, Nike is nowadays dishing out more and more affordable options in running headbands for women. No doubt, these are great signals for runners as they can have standard qualities at really low rates
This pack of 6 headbands is ideal for the whole week. There are three colors Pink, Violet and Teal. The trademark Swoosh design is clearly woven on the band and therefore there are no dangers of being classified as someone using unbranded stuff!! These are stretchable elastic bands and therefore easily hold the hair in place. 

Total circumference comes to 9 inches which is enough for most ladies.  Cost is only $12 which implies $2 for each piece which is wonderful for branded stuff.

Nike is a trusted name in sports accessories and although I experiment a lot with other unknown brands, something from Nike and Adidas is always there in the running accessory cupboard (my own place for keeping every accessory related to fitness). I keep them in a separate place since these tend to get dirty pretty soon and every time get soaked in sweat.

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