Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cotton Headband With Bright Mix Colors From Silly Yogi

Cotton Headband With Bright Mix Colors From Silly Yogi
Looking for high levels of comfort in fashion headbands for women? Silly Yogi has some of the most authentic cotton headbands that are vibrant as well as fashionable. This one has mix colors and is made from 100% cotton. Choose from a range of colors - Brown, Camel, Maroon and Sage.

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  • Total length of the headband - 19 to 24 inches
  • Overall width - 4 inches
  • Rear side has an elastic
  • Adjustable headband due to elastic
  • A made in Nepal product
  • Many colors to choose from

Wide headbands for women are great when you require great hair control. Moreover, they also have high sweat absorption properties, owing to large surface area. Many new options have entered the collections of Silly Yogi and most of them are 100% cotton products. If are having sensitive skin issues or are totally committed towards scalp comfort, these wide fashion headbands are a great choice.

Another impressive feature about Silly Yogi headbands is that prices for almost all the  products are down to earth. In fact, their commitment towards high quality cheap headbands has created a healthy competition in the online markets. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Gold And Black Cheetah Stripes Glittering Gold Elastic Stretchable Fashion Headband

Kenz Laurenz is a name you can trust as far as fashion headbands for women are concerned. Recently , they have brought forward a number of options in stretchable glittering headbands that are really great in parties, sports events, volleyball or basketball teams for girls and other teen events. What makes these headbands really cute is the fact that a lot of effort has been invested regarding comfort factor associated with each and every headpiece.

Gold And Black Cheetah Stripes Glittering Gold Elastic Stretchable Fashion Headband

This fashion headband is of course, from the glittery collection and has been studded with cheetah stripes in gold and black shades. What is impressive is that the there is a distinct flavor of both the elements. It implies that you have the fashion advantage from both the stripes and the glittering element.

About the headband:

  • Ideal glittering headband for sports events
  • Elastic and stretchable element embedded inside
  • Cheer leaders can also use these
  • Award winning design from Kenz Laurenz
  • Overall width - 3/4 inches
  • Rear side elastic - 1/2 inch in width
  • Glittering headband with gold and black cheetah prints

If you are actively taking part in sports events or even in everyday exercises, it is time to conduct your efforts in style. While fashion headbands are an indispensable part of any wardrobe, sports events should also contain a fare share of glamour. While there is everything you can expect from a comfort point of view, the overall fashion sense will no doubt, leave you impressed.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Crochet Twisted Styled Head Wrap Headband For Ladies

Want to experience stylish warmth around the head? Crochet head wraps are excellent tools for this. This fashionable made in Korea Head wrap headband provides a great fashionable expression and keeps you warm and safe from cold weather at the same time. 

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The design is extremely trendy and you can easily use it for everyday activities as well as for sports events. What makes the knitted head wrap special is the actual material behind the product. A special mix of wool and acrylic is the reason behind high comfort levels created by the product.

Extremely soft material has been used so that the head wrap provides excellent comfort at all times. Knitted headband looks great and the Twist style has an aura of its own. The best part is that one size fits everyone. These are stretchable knitted head wraps and hence fitting issues are taken care of.


  • Cool and fashionable design
  • Casual knitted head wrap in coffee color
  • Can be used for sports activities
  • Stretchable – One size for all
  • Construction material - Wool and acrylic blend
  • Use the head wrap headband for all weathers

Whether you are looking to avoid the chill or look trendy, all style options are open when using these Ladies Korea Knit Head wraps. Priced at less than $10, these provide immense value for money.