Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Yoga Headband From Silly Yogi

yoga headbands for women
Soft and comfortable yoga headbands for women offer complete peace and serenity while you devote the mind into meditation and other yogic practices. Let go of hair worries and manage long hair with peace. Silly yogi brings for you a headband that is sure to last for a long time and provide exemplary levels of comfort.

Width of the headband is approximately 3 inches and the total length ranges from 19 to 24 inches, which is enough for all hair types. An elastic present towards the back side ensures perfect adjust-ability and hence one size is fit for all. There are three  colors to choose from namely, maroon, orange and yellow.

Comfort comes from the 100% cotton material that has been used for constructing the yoga headband. It is important that you feel good with your hair when conducting yogic practices as concentration is the key here. These fantastic and affordable products may be simple in approach, but benefits are far more than the obvious tangible ones. If price is an issue, you would be happy to know that each one costs less than 5 dollars. That is surely a great offer!

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