Thursday, September 5, 2013

Letting Go - The Attitude Of Slavery

We all strive to achieve something significant in life. Don’t we? Whatever you may be planning to achieve or aiming at, the focus is just on three major wants – Wanting To Control – Wanting Approval – Wanting Security. That’s it.

Contemplate on the aims that you have in life. For example, a student is aiming at high grades. Why? - To gain approval (or praise- the same thing) in society, in family, among friends. Or it may be that good grades are associated with good jobs. 

Again the focus is on a job with approval or the money that comes with it. What does money provide immediately? Security and safety will be the immediate answer.

You see, the point that I am focusing on is really a question – “How many of your WANTS have actually converted into HAVES? “. 

You may have a small list but then you are in most cases looking to formulate plans and techniques (that is the how) for attaining all the stuff and gains that you expect from life.

Things don’t work that way

You see, if you are just making enough or having enough or having the loan for a car or having a loan for children’s education, You are still a slave! We have been trained to believe in that manner that you need to know the how so as to get what you want. And words like Inspiration, Motivation etc are reserved for the elite few or in most cases for English Literature books.

What’s this all about?

If you really want to get into a position of having, you -have to have to have to- attain the state of a calm mind while still focusing on the goal. That is, you have to remove the wanting attitude from it. You will be amazed to find that within 30 days of practicing this attitude towards life, you are bound to see some exponential gains, not just regarding the goal that you have focused on, but also in other aspects of life.

Attaining a Calm Mind is the key

While there are dangerous methods of calming the mind (such as drugs, cigarettes, alcohol etc), YOGA is the only system on this planet that calms the mind without removing focus on the GOALS that you wish to attain. It effectively removes the wanting which the only hurdle keeping the object away from manifestation. Yoga implies joining; you join with the universal energy, which is always in abundance. When the mind achieves this state of abundance you EASILY have the stuff in life.

Anyone Can Practice This

If you are not having information and guidance regarding yoga, simply do this simple technique every day. This is like priming the soul.

Just take out 20 minutes a day for meditation or simply focus on your breath, make it slow and long and imagine that wants are situated in the stomach and chest region. With every outward breath you are releasing the want for a particular thing. Focus on one aim at a time. For example, let us say, you want more income every month. You can say “ I allow myself to EASILY have $1000 extra per month”. Then focus in the chest and stomach and let go of the wanting APPROVAL, SECURITY AND WANTING CONTROL.

Remember feeling it intently is the key as you are the powerhouse. Consciously feel that you are letting go of the WANTING ENERGY.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this process. Greatness and simplicity have a deep seated connection.

All the best !

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