Monday, August 26, 2013

Simple Rhinestones Headbands –Stretchable And Sparkling

Simple Rhinestones Headbands –Stretchable And Sparkling
A little dash of style is always good when you are wearing headbands. Rhinestone headbands for women are meant for those special occasions when you want nothing but the best. It is not that there is a plethora of features that are involved in creating the beauty effects. The real magic lies in the fact that these are really simple and yet have an intrinsic charm within them.


  • The fabric is a blend of cotton and spandex
  • Rhinestone beads used for creating sparkling effects
  • Approximate overall size – 2.5 inches X 7.5 inches
  • The design is simple and rhinestones add the spark
  • Different color options are there to choose from
  • Inner side has been made very comfortable
  • These are stretchable headbands

Whether it is a party or a simple get-together, sparking rhinestones will surely help in increasing the overall style quotient. Since there are several colors to choose from, it is easy to create a match for different garments.

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