Monday, August 26, 2013

Dark Purple Background Fashion Headbands Made From Fabric

Dark Purple Background Fashion Headbands Made From Fabric
Purple colored headbands have a great aura attached to them. Bargain headbands have a knack of providing some of the best color combinations that you are going to find in the fashion accessories market. The headband is completely reversible in use because of the fact that black fabric lining is complete on both sides. Another great feature is that the product is really light and you wont even feel the presence of headband over the head. Fabric is soft and smooth cotton that has a real comfort based feeling. These are elastic headbands and hence stretchable which implies that one size fits for all. An overall width of 2 inches means that the hold of this headband is complete and you can rest assured regarding the hair style remaining intact and perfect.

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  • Extremely soft fabric made from cotton
  • Attractive Purple Color Design
  • Stretchable headbands containing elastic
  • Reversible headband since fully lined with black fabric
  • One size is suitable for all
  • Comfortable grip coming from an extremely light weight product

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