Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Multicolor Skinny Headband With Heart Designs From Bargain Headbands

This multicolored headband from bargain headbands is a 5 star product in the fashion headbands segment. With no plastic insert, the headband has a smooth and soft innate feeling. Adding to the flavor is the vibrant multicolored heart design over a black background which ensures that you are never low on style quotient. This is an elastic headband and hence size issues do not arise at all. Nicely stretchable, the headpiece fits perfectly and stays in position.


Stretchable headband containing soft elastic
Black fabric lining has been provided
One size is suitable for all age groups
Black background over which heart designs of different colors have been printed
No plastic has been used for manufacturing
Different patterns
Approximate width 2 inches
Approximate length 20 inches

A beautiful headband that is sure to complement any wardrobe. It seems that heart designs are dancing over the black background. Soft fabric containing high percentage of cotton provide a beautiful smooth feeling all the time.

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