Friday, May 31, 2013

Lace Headband Pink Colored – 80s Style With A Bow

Lace Headband Pink Colored – 80s Style With A Bow
Who said that you have to spend huge amounts on headbands for looking good? Check out these nostalgic 80s styled pink colored headbands that are sure to bring out your innate fashion sense. Also included is a lovely bow that brings added touch of beauty and elegance. 

No doubt, the style is really out of the park and is sure to make heads turn. Another great thing about them is that they are really affordable ones and cost less than 6$. (Sold by CC Enterprises)

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  • Neon pink colored headband
  • Laced styled headband
  • Contains a beautiful black bow against the pink background
  • Soft and delicate headband
  • Great fashion styled from the 80s

The black colored bow provides a perfect contrast against the lovely pink colored headband that can be easily worn by both ladies and girls. In fact, it brings out the girly spirit that resides inside your body. These fashion headbands can help you generate that extra bit of attention when you need it the most.

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