Monday, April 8, 2013

Soft Stretchable Headbands Decorated With Leopard Prints (Set of 3)

leopard print headband
A lovely set of 3 super soft and stretchable leopard print headbands that are ideal for girls and ladies. The fabric is a mixed one comprising of 75% cotton and 25% Lycra. The overall composition is such that you have style and beauty at the same time.

The leopard print provides a totally different feel. In case you are willing to add some extra creativity on your own, the leopard print base will surely provide a great medium for embroidery. Even without any kind of customization these do look great and are comfortable to wear.

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Product Features

* Total of 3 headbands in the set
* Soft fabric - Comfortable to Wear
* Width of the headband ranges from - 2.5 inches to 2 inches
* Fabric mixture -  75% cotton fabric + 25% Lycra
* Headband is stretchable
* Leopard print
* Recommended age starts from 5 Years

The headband has a right mixture of cotton and Lycra so as to provide balanced style and comfort. This implies that the headband looks and feels good at the same time. Moreover, the leopard print has a sheen to it and hence the headband looks like new at all times.

Leopard print headband has received several positive reviews from those who have purchased them. The reviews can be seen on the product site. Options in the womens headbands section have definitely increased over the past few years and the more innovative ones are usually found in the online mode.

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