Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mesmerizing And Beautiful Love Sequin Creeper Set For Babies

Was browsing through amazon for some of the best yet simple(i was looking for low price alternatives) options in unique baby clothing and baby headbands and found this one. Looks amazing to me! This Love Sequin Creeper Set comes along with a headband and seems to be the ideal option in unique baby clothes.
unique baby clothes

Unfortunately there is no product description so that i  would be able to grab some more details about the product.
However, the size details states the options for 3 months, 6 months and 9 months, which pretty much explains who will be able to wear these. Purple is one of my favorite color for many outfits and i feel that this particular shade will look good on toddlers and babies. Searching for more only purple is there. That's ok for me.

In actuality i was looking for baby headbands but this piece caught up my attention and now i think that this is a better choice compared to headbands since this one already has a headband.

And what;s the price? $ 26.95 ---fair enough cos my budget was hovering around the $30 mark.
Seems like i can get the product with super saver shipping. Have to check that out. Will put up the actual image of the baby wearing this one once the material is my hands. 

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