Monday, April 8, 2013

Flower Headband Based On Split Metallic Chain Izaro

metallic flower headband for women

There is something magical about metallic headbands as most of the shoppers seem to have a special liking for them. This one is called as Split Metallic Chain Headband and is basically a flower headband that is based on a split metallic chain.

Looks are extremely posh and stylish. If you are thinking about parties and other social occasions, this is definitely a great choice. In most cases you don't have to invest in a heavy wardrobe as the headband is enough to create a great attractor factor. 

Features of the product:

* A great feminine look 
* Stylish headband ideal for parties and social occasions
* Asplit Chain band
* There is a small black or white flower contained in the middle of the headband
* Available in silver and black versions

You can also add customized looks by using some small jewelries as an add-on. In case you are opting for customized looks you will need to have small fasteners that will hold the add-on in its designated place. No need for additional hair accessories in case you are using this headband.

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