Monday, April 8, 2013

Cotton Headband From Silly Yogi - Bright Color Print Heaband -Camel

bright color print headband
Simple as well as stylish. That's what is this headband. Made from 100% cotton and with bright print colors, these look super attractive and at the same time are highly comfortable owing to the cotton fabric that has been used for making the headband.

Well suited for warm conditions when the temperatures are soaring. Cotton fabric will allow complete comfort even when the temperatures are very high.

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* Width of the headband ranges from 19 inches to 24 inches
* 100% cotton headband
* Very comfortable fabric
* There is an elastic which allow great adjustment as per head profile
* Standard size for all
* Bright color print looks very attractive
* High affordable and low priced

If you are in the hunt regarding cheap headbands for women, this one is surely a great choice and you can have many of them at a low price. The headband is simple and yet manages to attract attention. A great choice when you are on a minimum budget.

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