Monday, April 8, 2013

Bohemian Retro Styled Headband With Earth Tone & Paisleys With Flower Prints

retro headband
No plastic insert of any sort has been used for this retro styled headband that oozes class and style. The Bohemian print is sure to be loved by those looking for some variety in the womens headbands category. 

Adjustments as per your customized size details are done without any extra charges.

The best part is that these are completely handmade and the making starts after you make the purchase. It does not take time to create the headband since there are experts working on the production part but nevertheless, a completely handmade headband made from soft fabric.


* Elastic band has been provided which ensures that one size is enough for all
* 20 inches by 2 inches is the approximate dimension
* Once worn the headband remains in its position
* Black fabric has been used for lining the headband
* Can be used from both sides
* Different patterns are there to choose from
* Easily create that retro look
* Customized adjustments done free of cost

Sometimes it becomes important to use those retro looks. Headbands are the easiest ways to do so. This retro headband has been chosen by many ladies since there is a beautiful amalgamation of style along with comfort.

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