Saturday, April 27, 2013

Beautiful Skinny Fabric Headband With Red Leaves & Vine Over Black Pattern

A very soft thin headband with high attractor factor. The design encompasses a beautiful mix of black and red which looks mesmerizing. Elastic has been provided so that one size fits for all. Since there is no plastic insert of any kind, a very soft and delicate feel is there when you are wearing the headband. Handmade headbands do have a charm of their own which can be easily felt and observed. Another good one from Bargain Headbands.

Beautiful Skinny Fabric Headband With Red Leaves & Vine Over Black Pattern

  • Skinny fabric fashion headband
  • Elastic band has been provided
  • One size fits for all
  • Delicate design – Mix of red and black colors
  • Handmade headband
  • Good one for parties and night outs
  • Approximate length – 20 inches ; Approximate width -1.5 inches
If you are looking for something in fabric based fashion headbands that can be easily worn in parties and other events, this is certainly a good option. Can provide a great finish to an attractive wardrobe.

Stunning Bright Red Silk Headband With Cherry Flower Brocade (Black Flower Design)

fashion headbands for womenBargain Headbands have released yet another great option in fashion headbands for women. This one has a stunning design. Bright red extremely soft silk over which you have a beautiful black colored cherry flower pattern. This wide fabric headband is soft, very comfortable to wear and looks extremely stylish. Another important point is that these headbands are handmade and no plastic insert of any kind has been used in the product.


An elastic band has been ingrained inside the headband for soft and comfortable grip
Black fabric lining
One size is sufficient for all
No plastic of any kind has been inserted in the headband
Black Fabric Lining has been provided
Handmade headband
Approximate length – 20 inches
Approximate width – 2 inches

A good option in the wide fabric headband category. The red silk really looks attractive along with the cherry flower design. Overall, you are able to garner sleek stylish looks without any hassle. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cotton Headband (Batik) From Silly Yogi

Cotton Headband (Batik) From Silly Yogi
Cotton headbands have always been tried and tested products as far as headbands for women are concerned. You can really feel the comfort in these headbands. 

The floral batik print adds soft and subtle beauty. Made from 100% cotton you can absolutely trust the comfort factor that comes along with these headbands.

The floral batik print adds soft and subtle beauty. Made from 100% cotton you can absolutely trust the comfort factor that comes along with these headbands.

Features of the product:
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Elastic headband which is completely adjustable
  • One size fits for all
  • Beautiful flower design inspired Batik print
  • Width of the headbands – 3 inches
  • Length of the headband varies from 19 inches to 24 inches

It is always recommended to choose 100% cotton based headbands in case you are looking forward towards exemplary levels of comfort while wearing the headpiece even for long hours. This one is very light weight and super soft so that you will not have a problem even if the climate is hot and sultry. Good absorption and release implies that even if you are sweating profusely, cotton fabric will do the wicking action. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Glittering Dark Pink Sports Headbands For Women

Here comes a glittering sports headband for women so as to add that extra flair and style while doing exercise or outdoor and indoor physical activities. Glitter headbands have gained huge popularity within a short span of time and considering the fact that it is important to look good while conducting sports activities, these are great options. Moreover, there are several colors to choose from so that you can have the perfect one as per the team color.

Highlights Of The Product

  • An Affordable headband for women athletes
  • Very attractive headband
  • Elastic headband implies that one size is enough for all
  • Perfect option for girls taking part in sports
  • Different colors to choose from
  • Width – 3/4 inches

Highly recommended for girls and ladies who are interested in attractive headbands that really look good. The inherent glitter has a stunning effect and you can literally feel the attractive power. Great option for practice and games

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Perfect Elastic Sports Headbands - Pack of 2 Sweat Absorbing Headbands From "Sweaty Bands"

Want to look stylish and be ultra comfortable during exercise and physical activities? Sweat headbands from the well known name “Sweaty Bands” will no doubt provide the best comfort while you are having an energetic time. More than anything else, these look great and are ideally suited for all age groups.

With highly comfortable elastic you can rest assured that size is not a problem at all. The headband is available in numerous colors with attractive designs.

Wearing headbands for women during exercise and other sports activities is not just something you do to look good. There are several benefits in the overall process. The hair remains in great condition and even if you are sweating profusely, there is no problem at all. 

  • Perfect suited headband for exercise, running, sports and other outdoor activities
  • High sweat absorption capabilities
  • A Made in USA product
  • Anti slip lining that prevents headband from moving out of place
  • Attractive designs that look super fashionable
  • A number of color options
  • Great for women athletes
  • Soft and comfortable elastic implies that the headband is fit for all sizes

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Creepy Horse Mask - Instant Fun And Humor

Was looking to play some pranks using a horse head mask and found this page. What a great mask! Ha ha ! Really hilarious!

Looks like this creepy horse mask is sure to have a mind awakening effect on my boring colleagues. Even though this is just a mask, there is something intriguing about the whole thing. You can literally sense the emotions coming out from the mask. It looks both spooky and hilarious at the same time which explains why this is the most popular mask in its category. Something that has the power to remove the gloom and dullness that so easily creeps up in our lives.

Looking forward to a new vacation in Phuket and I have decided to take these horse masks. You can easily wear them and go for swimming. Wanna see the reaction of my friends while I do this.
In case you are having any creative ideas regarding some pranks using these masks, do let me know.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cheap Wedding Tiaras - Many Options To Choose From

The best options in wedding tiaras need not be expensive. If you are willing to invest some time it is easy to obtain a really attractive piece for as low as $20. The only thing that you must be careful about is the fact that at any point of time you should have the facility of returning the product. That is what makes the best deal in online shopping mode.
There are ample options in cheap wedding tiaras and it is best to go for the online mode. 

Frankly speaking, offline markets are the not the best places for checking out cheap tiaras. First of all you won’t have the options and then sometimes you have to face those irritating eyes of sellers who really adore only those customers that are willing to buy thousand dollar worth tiaras. Fortunately though, you have several options in the online mode and there is no compulsion of buying any one of the piece.

Take out some time and browse through the collections. You are sure to find something great.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Looking for Cheap Tiaras Online?

In case you have been in the hunt for cheap tiaras, make sure that you do check on the quality aspect before making the deal. Affordable options are there in the online mode but in most cases customers have to apply some level of contemplation for getting the best options that are great in style as well as quality.

It is therefore, better to opt for big online stores selling wedding tiaras or bridal tiaras so that if in case you are not willing to accept the product on actual looks, it can be sent back without any hassles. In fact, this is the biggest usp of shopping on jumbo shopping stores online. They have such a huge inventory that returning the products is not at all a difficult option. On the other hand, some of the small lesser known shopping sites might end of taking a lot of time and patience for product returns.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Beautiful Polka Dot Styled Baby Headband

headbands for babiesWherever you see Polka dots there is some beauty around. Whether its the new dress or some other stuff in fashion, so much has been designed around the beautiful dots.This Bow Baby headbands is thumbs up from the word go. Not only it looks beautiful but there is an innate feeling of comfort and elegance that comes from the experts of headband designers.

If you are looking for a soft headband that wont hurt the delicate baby skin and can be worn for long hours, this is surely a great alternative and also because of the fact that the pricing is really competitive. Several satisfied customers have offered rave reviews and appreciation of the inherent beauty of this headband. 

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Features of Polka Dot Bow Baby headband

  • Extremely soft and comfortable headband
  • Absolutely soft grip - No chance of any mark on the delicate baby skin
  • Attached Bow - 3.5 inches in size
  • A variety of color combinations
  • Quality Guarantee from Amazon
  • No questions asked Return Back Policy
  • Super Saver Shipping straight to your doorsteps
  • The best price you can get in the market 

With good craftsmanship going behind the making of this headband there is absolutely no doubt that you are going to have a great experience with this headband. 

While there are several shopping portals on the line, care must be taken to ensure that quality is not sacrificed at any cost. This is where Amazon provides a great advantage and has been able to garner the trust of several satisfied customers.

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Hawaiian Styled Headband – Stretchable

hawaiian style headband

Easy and casual style can be garnered through this Hawaiian styled headband that is adjustable and comfortable to wear. Elastic has been provided to ensure that any kind of head profile can be accommodated.

Floral embroidery has been provided which looks beautiful. Overall width of the headband is 3 inches. Total length ranges from 24 inches to 19 inches. Elastic comes towards the rear portion.
Material used for construction is rayon. You can also redesign the headband through customized embroidery at home.

Features Highlighted:

·         Headband is made from rayon
·         Elastic has been provided which makes the headband stretchable
·         Floral embroidery looks simple and great
·         Width – 3 inches
·         Length 24 inches to 19 inches
·         Customized designs can be created on your own

Silly Yogi provides some of the most comfortable headbands. Their products have high approval among customers and you don’t have to worry about quality standards. 

Flower Design Purple Color Rhinestone Fashion Headband

This one really looks like a piece of jewelry and in most cases there is nothing else that you will require when going for any special event such as parties or other social occasions.

This Rhinestone embedded headband sparkles in any form of light and creates instant attractor factor. The deep purple color is classy and can  provide complete assistance to a variety of wardrobes. 
rhinestone fashion headband
The flower design is small yet classy which means that the design does not impose itself on the viewer. You can try out customization on your own but that wouldn't be necessary in most cases as you have all the elements that are required for making a great headband. 

The headband looks pricey but it isn't. 

Urgandesign, the makers of this product are known for their precision jobs in the field of women s fashion accessories and even in the simplest products, such as this one, you can readily witness class and perfection.

Inherent. subtle artistic elegance; That's what this womens headband is all about !

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wide Headbands – A Suitable Choice In Women’s Headbands

wide headbands for women
Considering both style and comfort factors, it makes sense to opt wide headbands for women. You can really choose among the numerous alternatives in wide headbands. Cotton based headbands are ideally suited when you are utterly concerned about inner comfort. Soft cotton fabric based headbands that have stylish prints on the outer side are idea for both casual and formal events.

For Formal Wardrobes

In case you are choosing headbands with reference to formal events or office wear, go for light colors or without any kind of sparkling effects. This will ensure that your headband looks sober. These are affordable products and hence and you can easily go for matching colors as per your wardrobe. However, do not go for very dull colors as these won’t look good. Opt for medium dark shades for headbands that will be used for formal wardrobes.

Parties and other fun events

There are rhinestone studded wide headbands which really look stylish. In fact, these have subtle artistic looks and create the attractive factor easily. You don’t have to use any other accessory in case you are opting for sparkling studded headbands. These are sufficient to create glitter and glamour.

Choose stretchable ones with caution

For elastic based wide headbands, make sure that you have checked out the tightness of the elastic itself and where actually it puts the pressure on the head. In many headbands the elastic is too tight which implies that you can easily become uncomfortable within a short span of time.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Bohemian Retro Styled Headband With Earth Tone & Paisleys With Flower Prints

retro headband
No plastic insert of any sort has been used for this retro styled headband that oozes class and style. The Bohemian print is sure to be loved by those looking for some variety in the womens headbands category. 

Adjustments as per your customized size details are done without any extra charges.

The best part is that these are completely handmade and the making starts after you make the purchase. It does not take time to create the headband since there are experts working on the production part but nevertheless, a completely handmade headband made from soft fabric.


* Elastic band has been provided which ensures that one size is enough for all
* 20 inches by 2 inches is the approximate dimension
* Once worn the headband remains in its position
* Black fabric has been used for lining the headband
* Can be used from both sides
* Different patterns are there to choose from
* Easily create that retro look
* Customized adjustments done free of cost

Sometimes it becomes important to use those retro looks. Headbands are the easiest ways to do so. This retro headband has been chosen by many ladies since there is a beautiful amalgamation of style along with comfort.

Flower Headband Based On Split Metallic Chain Izaro

metallic flower headband for women

There is something magical about metallic headbands as most of the shoppers seem to have a special liking for them. This one is called as Split Metallic Chain Headband and is basically a flower headband that is based on a split metallic chain.

Looks are extremely posh and stylish. If you are thinking about parties and other social occasions, this is definitely a great choice. In most cases you don't have to invest in a heavy wardrobe as the headband is enough to create a great attractor factor. 

Features of the product:

* A great feminine look 
* Stylish headband ideal for parties and social occasions
* Asplit Chain band
* There is a small black or white flower contained in the middle of the headband
* Available in silver and black versions

You can also add customized looks by using some small jewelries as an add-on. In case you are opting for customized looks you will need to have small fasteners that will hold the add-on in its designated place. No need for additional hair accessories in case you are using this headband.

Cotton Headband From Silly Yogi - Bright Color Print Heaband -Camel

bright color print headband
Simple as well as stylish. That's what is this headband. Made from 100% cotton and with bright print colors, these look super attractive and at the same time are highly comfortable owing to the cotton fabric that has been used for making the headband.

Well suited for warm conditions when the temperatures are soaring. Cotton fabric will allow complete comfort even when the temperatures are very high.

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* Width of the headband ranges from 19 inches to 24 inches
* 100% cotton headband
* Very comfortable fabric
* There is an elastic which allow great adjustment as per head profile
* Standard size for all
* Bright color print looks very attractive
* High affordable and low priced

If you are in the hunt regarding cheap headbands for women, this one is surely a great choice and you can have many of them at a low price. The headband is simple and yet manages to attract attention. A great choice when you are on a minimum budget.

Soft Stretchable Headbands Decorated With Leopard Prints (Set of 3)

leopard print headband
A lovely set of 3 super soft and stretchable leopard print headbands that are ideal for girls and ladies. The fabric is a mixed one comprising of 75% cotton and 25% Lycra. The overall composition is such that you have style and beauty at the same time.

The leopard print provides a totally different feel. In case you are willing to add some extra creativity on your own, the leopard print base will surely provide a great medium for embroidery. Even without any kind of customization these do look great and are comfortable to wear.

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Product Features

* Total of 3 headbands in the set
* Soft fabric - Comfortable to Wear
* Width of the headband ranges from - 2.5 inches to 2 inches
* Fabric mixture -  75% cotton fabric + 25% Lycra
* Headband is stretchable
* Leopard print
* Recommended age starts from 5 Years

The headband has a right mixture of cotton and Lycra so as to provide balanced style and comfort. This implies that the headband looks and feels good at the same time. Moreover, the leopard print has a sheen to it and hence the headband looks like new at all times.

Leopard print headband has received several positive reviews from those who have purchased them. The reviews can be seen on the product site. Options in the womens headbands section have definitely increased over the past few years and the more innovative ones are usually found in the online mode.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Review - Elastic Cotton Headband Wide In Size And Studded With Sparkling Rhinestones

This wide headband studded with sparkling Rhinestones looks stylish and is absolutely comfortable. This is a cotton based headband that has an embedded elastic for better adjustment. Well suited for parties and other occasions when it is important for you to look good.

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Product Description

Headbands are always useful and having an option that adds immediate style along with a touch of glamour is surely a great choice. Rhinestones and dots add that style spark to this wide headband which has already created a number of rave reviews.

Cotton based fabric implies that comfort factor is always taken of. The outer side of the headband is dotted for external looks while the inner side is very soft. A number of colors are there to choose from such as Red, Purple, Brown, White, Blue, Pink etc.

Basic features of this headband

* Headband made from cotton
* 4.2 inches wide headband
* Overall length 9.75 inches
* Surface is beautified with sparkling dots and rhinestones
* A good headband for creating instant style and adds support to hair at the same time
* Available colors - Red - Purple- White - Tan - Black - Brown - Pink - Blue

Check out the product...

On the product site you can check out the actual customer reviews that will clearly provide insights regarding the satisfaction and pleasure garnered by customers. No wonder, many of them are demanding for more colors in this segment of headbands for women.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mesmerizing And Beautiful Love Sequin Creeper Set For Babies

Was browsing through amazon for some of the best yet simple(i was looking for low price alternatives) options in unique baby clothing and baby headbands and found this one. Looks amazing to me! This Love Sequin Creeper Set comes along with a headband and seems to be the ideal option in unique baby clothes.
unique baby clothes

Unfortunately there is no product description so that i  would be able to grab some more details about the product.
However, the size details states the options for 3 months, 6 months and 9 months, which pretty much explains who will be able to wear these. Purple is one of my favorite color for many outfits and i feel that this particular shade will look good on toddlers and babies. Searching for more only purple is there. That's ok for me.

In actuality i was looking for baby headbands but this piece caught up my attention and now i think that this is a better choice compared to headbands since this one already has a headband.

And what;s the price? $ 26.95 ---fair enough cos my budget was hovering around the $30 mark.
Seems like i can get the product with super saver shipping. Have to check that out. Will put up the actual image of the baby wearing this one once the material is my hands.